Some behind-the-scene photos of Yoona during her filming for the drama with Lee Jong Suk are leaked

A passerby has taken some photo of Yoona on the filming scene of her new drama.    

On Jan 19th, someone saw the filming scene of the upcoming drama “Big Mouth” and decided to take some photos. At the time, Lee Jong Suk was not there. It was an outdoor scene of Yoona and actor Kim Joo Heon. Even though the photos were taken quite far away and are blurry, netizens are still shocked by Yoona’s visual. Her simple outfit emphasized her physique, while her side profile showed off her straight nose bridge.

big mouth yoona
big mouth yoona
big mouth yoona

In “Big Mouth”, Yoona transforms into an ambitious wife named Go Mi Ho. During her college days, Go Mi Ho was known for her elegant, reserved image and unrivaled beauty. However, after marrying a man with no talent or ambition, she takes it on herself to transform her husband into someone worthy of her. Yoona’s husband in the drama is none other than Lee Jong Suk, who plays Park Chang Ho – a third-rate lawyer with a 10% success rate and is called as “Big Mouth” by his legal acquaintances due to his rhetorical personality.

big mouth yoona lee jong suk

Big Mouth has not had a broadcast schedule yet.

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