Momo (Twice) is controversial for being too sexy in the new dance video and copying Lisa’s choreography

Momo’s solo dance performance video received mixed opinions on social networks.

On February 22, Momo (Twice) released a solo dance performance video.  This is a personal project of the Japanese female idol, helping her to show off her charismatic dancing skills and bold seductive concept.  Momo danced to the music of the songs Tadow (Masego & FKJ) and Bad (Christopher).  According to the description of the video, the first performance was choreographed by Leejung Lee, while the second was choreographed by J-Ho.

Momo’s solo dance video received great attention from fans.  This is the first time that a Japanese female idol has been able to freely show her talent and personal image.  Momo brings two different styles, both sexy and cool.  Hot body is also a strong point that makes Momo’s performance more eye-catching.

Momo (Twice) sexy in the new dance video

Besides the compliments, there are still controversial opinions about Momo’s dance performance.  Some netizens believe that there are dance moves that make the female idol too ‘erotic’.  In addition, some fans also disparaged the dance video for the reason that Momo copied Lisa (Black Pink).  These netizens pointed out the similarities between Momo’s moves and Lisa’s choreography in the video The Movie released on February 12.

Momo (Twice) sexy in the new dance video
Momo (Twice) sexy in the new dance video
Momo (Twice) sexy in the new dance video

Some comments: “It looks like Momo is following Lisa’s dance style?”;  “Not pretty. Her expression was stiff and her movements were too erotic”;  “It seems that Momo does not focus on her skills, but overdoing sexy curling moves”;  “I don’t know if it’s coincidental or intentional but this video reminds me of Lisa” …

However, Momo’s fans believe that she is still one of the best dancers in the 3rd generation of Kpop female idols with excellent professional skills.  As for the accusation of “copying Lisa”, fans confirmed that this is just a coincidence because both of them prefer sexy dance styles.  In addition, the time to practice for a project is so long that Momo cannot copy Lisa within just a few days.

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