Photo of Jung Joon Young returning to Korea at the airport received the award of “press photo of the month”

The story behind this legendary photo of Jung Joon Young is revealed.

On the 29th, through the official YouTube channel of SBS News, they uploaded a video titled “Listen to the story of how we took this photo of Jung Joon young returning to Korea”.

On March 12, Jeong Joon-young, who was accused of filming and distributing illegal video clips, stopped recording programs overseas and hurried back to his home country.

Incheon International Airport was packed with reporters waiting for him.

“It was like a bumper car game”

Jung Joon-young, who appeared after quite a while.

Photographers were busy pressing the camera shutter to take even just 1 shot of him getting out of the airport fast.

When the hat covering Jung’s face was peeling off.

In this intense scene, the composition, facial expression, and pose are perfectly matched.

The netizens who saw the photo showed enthusiastic responses such as “All hail this best photo” “Haha this is legendary”, “We must give this journalist an award”,…

And that actually happened.

The photographer won the grand prize of the 195th Press Photo Award. So, by what standard is this month’s press photo?

“It doesn’t have to be magnificent to win the award. The case of Jung Joon Young is a social problem which raises the value of this photo,” said Lee Hyo-kyun, president of the Korea Photographers’ Association.

Among the countless photos of Jung Joon-young returning home, he also revealed why this specific photo won the best picture. In just one photo, we can see his hat be taken off, him being squashed by the journalists and had to hold on to the security guy. To be able to have all of these details in the most realistic way in just 1 photo, this journalist deserves all the highest point.

Kim Chang-hyun, the journalist from MoneyToday who had captured the moment inside his photo talked about the scene at that time: “There were so many people pushing each other, so I just kept pressing the shutter button to try catching everything. the moment when Jung’s hat was taken off, I could feel that I had got it. After taking that award-winning photo, I fell over”.

The photo of Jung Joon-young’s humiliating appearance was not just a “funny” topic. He is arrested for his crime of illegally filming and distributing sex footages, but he hates letting himself being taken and filmed by people who were journalists there. “People were not just accidentally taking his ugly photos. They were all thinking that he deserved it”.

And then there’s this famous phrase after the situation at the airport happened.

“How does it feel to be filmed when you don’t want to?”

Source: Dispatch

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