Here’s what members of all-visual rookie girl group IVE look like without makeup

Do IVE members’ bare-faced visuals look as pretty as usual? 

Since their debut, rookie girl group IVE has received many compliments for their appearances. The group gets called “an all-visual lineup”, “the prettiest 4th generation girl group”, etc. Each member looks beautiful and draws keen attention in their own way. Because IVE is so popular for their looks, many fans are curious about their makeup-free visuals. 


Leeseo’s pretty facial features are already visible, so she only needs to wear light makeup during IVE’s performances.

IVE members without makeup

According to Shin Kyoung Mee – IVE’s makeup artist, in the profile photos in black and white through which IVE was introduced one by one, the members had to leave their faces bare. This gave fans the opportunity to admire Leeseo’s raw visuals. In her predebut photos, Leeseo also looks gorgeous without any makeup on.


Jang Wonyoung‘s doll-like beauty has always been famous in Korea ever since appeared in Mnet’s survival show Produce 48. The female idol often wears pink-toned makeup and puts emphasis on her sparkly, big round eyes.

IVE members without makeup

Wonyoung’s bare face is as pretty as when she has makeup on. Without makeup, Wonyoung also looks noticeably younger and true to her age. 


Makeup helps Gaeul‘s harmonious facial features become even more outstanding. Without makeup, Gaeul’s eyes are still large and round, her nose is tall and her lips are plump.


Liz‘s visuals have been recognized since her pre-debut photo was released because aside from her hair color, almost nothing has changed compared to her current appearance. With or without makeup, her pretty facial features and trademark dimples are exactly the same. 

IVE members without makeup

Fair and rosy skin, soft features are what make Liz stand out from the all-visual lineup of IVE. 


Before participating in Produce 48 and officially debuting with IVE, Yujin was a familiar face in many Korean short commercials. Because of that, her beauty has been well-known by the public. 

IVE members without makeup

Yujin confidently showed off her bare face in her introduction photos and some live broadcasts interacting with fans.


Rei has a unique and special beauty. With makeup on, Rei’s eyes are sharper and have more depth, matching the choreography and spirit of the group’s songs. Without any makeup on her face, she gives off a pure and innocent beauty.

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