Female Kpop idols from Thailand that stole people’s heart in traditional costumes 

There are many Kpop idols who come from Thailand, and most of them manage to bring a piece of their culture into the Kpop scene. 

Throughout the years, there have been many Kpop idols who originated from Thailand. Despite being active majorly in Korea, most of them strive to promote traditions and elements from Thai culture as well. For female idols, a common way to do this is by adorning traditional Thai clothes. 

Blackpink Lisa Minnie (G)I-DLE
Gorgeous Kpop female idols that come from Thailand. 

(G)I-DLE Minnie once donned a traditional costume called Chut Thai, made out of red fabric embedded with gold threads. Compared to her mysterious and alluring image on stage, Minnie exuded a regal and chic aura in her nation’s garments. 

Having been born into a high-society family in Thailand, it came as no surprise that Minnie looked like an actual Thai princess. 

(G)I-DLE Minnie
(G)I-DLE Minnie received a lot of praised for wearing Chut Thai
(G)I-DLE Minnie
The female idol exuded a regal and elegant aura in traditional garments 
(G)I-DLE Minnie
Minnie’s family is known to be extremely wealthy and belong to high society 
(G)I-DLE Minnie
In a Thai costume, Minnie gave off a different aura compared to her on-stage image 

BLACKPINK Lisa is another idol who actively promotes Thai culture in Kpop. In her solo MV “LALISA”, the BLACKPINK member went viral for wearing a bronze Sabai with a traditional Thai crown – which was the perfect mix of modernity and convention elements. 

lisa blackpink s22y3123713183618368173
Lisa was complimented for integrating Thai culture into a Kpop MV
The female idol was dressed in a bronze Sabai in the “LALISA” MV
Blackpink Lisa
With such an outfit, Lisa boasted an overwhelming regality

Upon the success of “LALISA”, the Thai garment Sabai also became a hot topic. Traditional Thai costume shops find themselves receiving various customers, who wanted to try out the outfit, with some even wearing it to BLACKPINK’s concerts.

Blackpink Lisa
Traditional Thai costume shops received a lot of orders after the MV 
Blackpink Lisa
Fans even wore similar outfits to BLACKPINK’s concerts 

Former CLC member Sorn also drew attention for wearing a traditional Thai outfit when she received the 2018 Outstanding Filial Piety Award from Thai princess Soamsavali. In particular, the female idol appeared in a baby blue Thai Chitlada, exuding a soft and gentle vibe. 

Sorn showed up in Thai Chitlada when receiving an award from the Thai Princess Soamsavali
In her nation’s traditional costume, Sorn gave off an elegant vibe. 
This is a complete contrast to Sorn’s normal appearance 

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