All the times Kpop idols get hurt by their own fans (ft. Huening Bahiyyih, BLACKPINK, BTS’s J-hope, and more)

Idols are not only hurt by haters but sometimes their own fans. 

Members of Kpop groups, even popular ones, do not receive equal love and support from their own fandom. Solo stans (fans who like only one member) or akgaes (those who hate other members except for their bias) are common in Kpop. Therefore, many idols have to face the unfortunate situation of being ignored by those whom they believe are their own fans. 

huening bahiyyih
Newly debuted idol Bahiyyih has already suffered from injustices. 

Bahiyyih (Kep1er)

Recently, Kep1er held an in-person fansign to interact with fans after their official debut. For a rookie like Kep1er, this is a great opportunity for the group and their fans to become closer. However, a sad situation happened when Bahiyyih was left out. 

All the members received gifts from fans, except for Bahiyyih. Her facial expression clearly showed sadness and awkwardness. At a few moments, Bahiyyih still tried to smile and joke around with other members.

huening bahiyyih
Bahiyyih clearly showed a sad expression because she did not receive a fan gift 

The video of Bahiyyih being left out at the fansign quickly drew attention on social media. The female idol’s fans expressed their anger and criticized Kep1ian (group fans) and even other members of Kep1er for failing to take care of Bahiyyih. 

Questions arose about why Kep1er did not share gifts with Bahiyyih. Many fans explained that the gifts that idols receive from their fansite master had to be kept throughout the event to take photos. Netizens also pointed out the moment when Bahiyyih was interacting with other members and their gifts such as Yeseo’s stuffed animal, or Dayeon’s hat.

There were no gifts in front of Bahiyyih
At the fansign that day, Choi Yujin also received only one gift. 

In addition, the situation of members not receiving gifts at Kep1er’s fansign has happened before. In the first 2 fansigns of the group, Seo Young Eun was also “empty-handed”. The reason given was similar to the case of Bahiyyih.

Seo Young Eun
Young Eun also did not receive gifts at the fansign before.

j-hope (BTS)

Before becoming as famous as they are now, BTS also went through a difficult time. The attention given to 7 members is not always equal. J-Hope once made ARMYs feel sorry when he shared that he did not receive messages from fans. He once said: “No one sent me messages on the fancafe. But I’m fine.”

When he first debuted, J-Hope was not a very famous member of BTS


BLACKPINK is famous for having many fan-only and akgae.  These fans used to hurt the group members when participating in a fansign.

Fans must not forget the moment Rosé was ignored by a fan.  When the female idol smiled brightly and was about to take a photo, this fan passed by as if she didn’t see her.  This person went straight to Lisa’s location and had a close conversation with the female idol.  After that, the fan explained that she wanted to meet the youngest member of BLACKPINK first.

A fan ignored Rosé, making the female idol bewildered, Jennie’s expression also showed that she was not satisfied with this.

Despite being in an awkward situation, Rosé did not show anger or annoyance towards the fan.  The female idol then happily took pictures with this person.  The act of the “Australian rose” makes BLINKs feel proud and love her more.

blackpink rose
Rosé still happily took pictures with that fan.

At another event, Jisoo was the one who suffered from being ignored by fans.  Specifically, at that event, BLACKPINK members would give BLINKs a glass of ice cream in turn.  However, one fan turned a blind eye and did not accept the gift that Jisoo gave.  Jisoo was embarrassed and could only smile.  Fans understand how heartbroken she felt.

A fan was not interested in the gift Jisoo gave.
The female idol was embarrassed right after being ignored by that person

Taking part in a Radio Star program, Lisa got into a sad situation.  From the sitting position, fans couldn’t see Jennie because Lisa was the one sitting outside.  That’s why, a fan had rude words to BLACKPINK’s maknae, telling her to stay away.  Lisa then leaned back, her face showing sadness even though she and Jennie had a good conversation before.

Many people believe that at that time Lisa was not really well received by the Korean public.  Being a Southeast Asian made her face many difficulties when working in Korea. 

lisa jennie
The sad moment when Lisa was treated unfairly by fans.

The fact that idols are treated unfairly by fans is not a strange thing in the Korean entertainment industry.  Even so, the fandom always reminds each other to try to love all the members in the group, because they are always one.

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