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“Team activities…” Narsha honestly revealed the secret of Brown Eyed Girls’ long-lasting career

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha and JeA gave advice for idol group members.

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha and JeA appeared on IHQ’s “Why is this tasty?”, which aired on May 30th.

When Seungwoo’s Dad asked “Have you tried taco?“, JeA answered “Fajita is what I can cook the best” then showed off her skillful cutting skills.


On the other hand, to the question “Do you often cook? You’ve been married for a long time, haven’t you?“, Narsha caused laughter as she replied, “That has nothing to do with cooking. Cooking is for chefs.

The recording was released live through the YouTube channel. As Narsha and JeA appeared after a long time, fans asked about their recent status.

Narsha said, “I have no updates. The last time we released an album was in 2019. On average, our albums are released every 4 years. Now it’s time for a new album.”


When asked if she often meets the members even when the group is not active, she revealed, “We often gather on birthdays and anniversaries. We also met on our 17th anniversary.”

She added, “It’s a business relationship that’s appropriately close, appropriately good. I recommend it to singers who are working in teams.

Besides, Narsha and JeA used their break time to perform choreographies of hit songs such as “How come” and “Abracadabra”.

Source: Wikitree

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