Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO) revealed his ideal type of girlfriend, accidentally revealed the dating location

Fans will be very curious about Cha Eunwoo’s girlfriend model, it turns out that he just wants to love in a normal way like everyone else.

Everyone has their own ideal type and celebrities are no exception, including ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo. The male celebrity known for his perfect looks previously stated that he prefers a partner who shares his interests. Cha Eunwoo isn’t shy about admitting that he enjoys being with a girl he feels at ease with.

cha eun woo

In a previous interview that Cha Eunwoo did with ‘Ceci‘ magazine, the male idol shared: “Long time ago, while I was looking for good places to eat, I found a place with a good, romantic atmosphere where you can also see the Namsan Tower.”

Cha Eunwoo then continued with the dream confession he always wanted to do when he had a lover. The male idol explained: “I want to eat dinner there and naturally give a ring or a necklace and confess.”

cha eun woo

With this confession, Cha Eunwoo surprised fans with his romantic thoughts. Some personal comments came from netizens: “He’s every girl’s dream boyfriend”, “Oppa, I can make you comfortable with me”, “I fell in love with him completely”…

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