Former Rainbow member reveals why she decided to diet, “When I gained weight, perverts left filthy comments” 

Former Rainbow member Cho Hyun Young talked about why she decided to go on a diet in the past.

On January 25th, Cho Hyun Young posted a video titled “The reason I went on a diet” on her YouTube channel. When asked in the video if she was worried about gaining weight, Cho Hyun Young said, “I gained a lot of weight (as much as I ate) in the past.

Rainbow Cho Hyun Young

She surprised many netizens by saying, “Still, I was the heaviest when I weighed 49kg. I’ve never exceeded 50kg in my life.

Cho Hyun Young said she was on a diet when she was promoting the song ‘A’ in the past. Because Cho Hyun Young was dieting hard, her body went through a yo-yo effect when she was promoting. She said that because she put on weight, there were a lot of dirty comments targeting her looks.

Rainbow Cho Hyun Young
Rainbow Cho Hyun Young

Cho Hyun Young said, “The perverts were leaving filthy comments and giggling among themselves. Seeing that, I was very shocked.” 

She added, “Also, I didn’t like how I looked on the screen, so I started dieting diligently from then on.

Cho Hyun Young then went on a severe diet. She didn’t eat at all. She said, “Now I’m managing my weight by researching a proper diet method.” 

She added cheerfully, “I think I look better now than I used to. I think it’s a figure that men would like. I have everything I need to be without being skinny.

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