“I did as Kim Jong-kook told me”… “59.7kg” Park Na-rae has her own home gym

Comedian Park Na-rae started her diet properly.

On the July 1st broadcast of MBC’s “I Live Alone“, Park Na-rae‘s “Home gym” was released. Home gym means having exercise equipment at home without going to the fitness center.

Park Na-rae ate chicken breast for breakfast and checked her body with eye measure. After that, she weighed herself and it was 59.7kg. She said that she had recently started working out for muscular strength after turning 38. After changing into sportswear, she warmed up by doing 4 sets of 25 kettlebells and 20 burpees.

Afterwards, she went to her home gym where various exercise equipment are gathered for full-fledged workouts. Rainbow Club’s members could not keep their mouths shut and admired her home gym. Park Na-rae contacted Kim Jong-kook, who is already famous for his home gym, and was informed about the qualification. She bought the same exercise equipment as he told her and put them in her home gym. Park Na-rae confessed, “I know it’s still a bit too much for me to do, but I think I can do it someday. It is equipped with the highest weight.”

Kim Hae-joon, who attended the studio as a guest, also enjoys exercising. However, seeing Park Na-rae’s home gym, he admired, “There are grips that general gyms don’t have.

After simply introducing the home gym, she started exercising. On this day, she presented exercises for back muscles. She was exercising properly by changing various grips according to Internet information.

Park Na-rae drew admiration by revealing that once she entered the home gym, she did muscle exercises for about an hour and 10 minutes, excluding the warm-up exercise.

Source: wikitree

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