The reason why Sandara Park always weighs 38kg… “Strangely full after eating one dumpling”

Sandara Park shared her recent situation.

On Jan 4th, Sandara Park uploaded a photo on her Instagram story along with the caption saying, “I couldn’t sleep at dawn, so I watched a Jjajangmyeon mukbang. I fell asleep and in my dream, I was eating Jjajangmyeon so deliciously! That’s why I ordered Ganjjajang the next day after getting up! It was so delicious but there’s a lot of it. I took some off and ate it but there’s still a lot left ᅲᅲ Whenever I eat, I always need a partner.”

Sandara Park weight

The released photo showed the Ganjjajang ordered by Sandara Park. The female singer appeared to have left more than half of the noodles without finishing the amount of one serving. Sandara Park also showcased the fried dumplings that she ordered along with Ganjjajang and expressed her regret, “Why can I eat only one dumpling ᅲᅲ My tummy is strangely full.”

Sandara Park weight

Meanwhile, Sandara Park shocked everyone by revealing she weighs 38kg even after becoming an adult. However, when appearing on MBC’s “I Live Alone” recently, she said that she had gained 7kg after spending time with comedians Park Na-rae and Kim Sook, who are both known to love eating.

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