The item BLACKPINK Jennie uses to complete her mix-and-match fashion is only 9000 won?

BLACKPINK Jennie is well known for her high-end and luxury fashion sense. 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who is currently one of the most valuable names in both the domestic and foreign music markets, is already famous for her fashion. There are moments when her fashion, which always shines, becomes even more distinct and eye-catching. That’s when Jennie decides to mix and match her outfits.

She has boasted her unique sense by freely mixing and matching products of various brands, ranging from jaw-droppingly expensive luxury items to popular but affordable items that anyone can easily challenge. Jennie’s look released on SNS this Christmas deserves to be called the “true definition of mixed match look.”

BLACKPINK Jennie mix-and-match fashion

Jennie completed a fashionable look instead of an overwhelming one even though she used unconventional items to mix and match. Her main concept, which showed how a true fashionista enjoyed Christmas with a wonderful fashion choice, was green and black.

BLACKPINK Jennie mix-and-match fashion

The combination of various items that might not be suitable boasted a perfect sum at the end of Jennie’s touch. After mixing the green knit cardigan on the white shirt, she wore a midi skirt made of silky material on the bottom, adding a feminine feeling. The green mohair cropped cardigan worn by Jennie on this day is a product of P, a Korean designer brand that mainly showcases looks that reinterprets the retro mood in the 80s to 90s, and costs around 90,000 won.

BLACKPINK Jennie mix-and-match fashion

What added points to the monotone look were the long socks with kitsch flower printing and green-orange complementary colors. These over-the-calf socks are products of C, a domestic unisex casual brand. The price is around 9,000 won, which is surprising.

Of course, as a master of luxury item mix and match, Jennie showed her sense of appropriately utilizing expensive items. After wearing a denim backpack from French luxury brand C, where she is active as a global ambassador, she added a lively charm by wearing a pair of slip-ons from British high-end fashion brand V. The backpack Jennie wore on the day was about 5 million won and the slip-on was 300,000 won.


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