After BTS’s Jungkook, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is the second Kpop idol to get wished happy birthday by Beyoncé

Fans are thrilled as Beyoncé wishes BLACKPINK’s Jisoo a happy birthday, but she’s not the only idol to earn this honor.

On the afternoon of January 3 (US time), Beyoncé‘s website made a surprise by posting a childhood photo of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and wishing her a happy birthday. Fans are beyond thrilled when the world-famous female singer congratulates a Kpop idol on her birthday.

Beyoncé often posts birthday wishes to people she adores, respects or admires on her official website. However, Jisoo is the first female Kpop idol and the second Kpop idol to have the “honour” of getting a birthday wish from Beyoncé

Jisoo gets wished happy birthday on Beyoncé's website
Jisoo gets wished happy birthday on Beyoncé’s website

On Twitter, besides showing excitement for the lovely wish that the “legendary” Beyoncé gives to Jisoo, netizens also bring up another Kpop idol, BTS’s Jungkook.

In September last year, Beyoncé also posted Jungkook‘s childhood photo on her website to wish BTS’s maknae a happy birthday. Netizens think that perhaps Beyoncé also has a bias in BTS and BLACKPINK, and that the charm of Jisoo and Jungkook is so powerful because they are the rare Kpop idols who are noticed by Beyoncé.

Last year, Beyoncé also congratulated Jungkook on his birthday
Last year, Beyoncé also congratulated Jungkook on his birthday
Fans mention Jungkook on Jisoo's birthday
Fans mention Jungkook on Jisoo’s birthday

However, since this is Jisoo’s day, the female idol’s fans can’t help but feel annoyed by the comments from BTS‘s fans. From the perspective of Jisoo fans, BTS fans always seem to enjoy “battling” with BLACKPINK in every situation. BTS fans mentioning Jungkook and praising him as “the first Kpop idol to receive a birthday wish from Beyoncé” on Jisoo’s birthday makes Jisoo’s fans uncomfortable. Blinks also claim Beyoncé’s birthday wish for Jisoo has more impact because the American singer dedicated a separate post to the BLACKPINK member, while Jungkook was congratulated together with other Virgo celebrities.

Some comments:

  • It’s Jisoo’s birthday, why are you mentioning another idol?
  • So proud of Jisoo! Turns out Beyoncé also has a bias in BLACKPINK.
  • Everyone loves Jisoo.
  • I don’t understand why BTS fans like to compete with BLACKPINK? Jisoo is the 2nd K-pop idol to have Beyoncé congratulate her on her birthday, but she’s the first idol to be congratulated on a separate post.
  • BTS’s fans stop trying to steal Jisoo’s thunder


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