“Our Beloved Summer” sweetest scenes that prove Kim Da Mi is head over heels in love with Choi Woong

Yeon Soo has so much love for Choi Woong, so why aren’t they together yet?

Halfway through the broadcast, Our Beloved Summer is currently one of the hottest K-dramas on social media. Among the characters, the female lead Kook Yeon Soo played by Kim Da Mi has won fans’ hearts with her strong, straightforward personality, and especially with how caring and understanding she is with the male lead Choi Woong (Choi Woo Sik).

Five years together is not a short time for Yeon Soo and Choi Woong to get to know and adapt to each other’s different personality traits. In a few scenes when Yeon Soo stares at the sleeping Choi Woong, she reaches out and softly touches his forehead. This is because Yeon Soo knows that Choi Woong often squints his eyes when he sleeps, which can be uncomfortable. So whenever Yeon Soo sees it, she will not hesitate to gently touch Choi Woong’s forehead. Even now that they are no longer dating, Yeon Soo can’t get rid of this habit.

Worrying about Choi Woong who works non-stop for 100 hours, Yeon Soo cannot stay calm. She contacts Ji Woong and Eun Ho to ask about Choi Woong, but the response she gets is “He’s alive”. Yeon Soo then goes all the way to Choi Woong’s house late at night to make sure, excusing that it’s her responsibility to take care of the illustrator. 

There is a line that Yeon Soo wants Choi Woong to say to her, but he seems to be a bit shy to express it. That’s why Yeon Soo keeps saying “What If”, pretending to be sick just to hear “I love you” from Choi Woong.

During the two’s trip before Choi Woong went abroad to study, Yeon Soo saved his pictures so that she would pull them out whenever she missed him. Not only that, but she also affirmed that “We will not break up” to show Choi Woong her love and affection, comforting her worried boyfriend.

The difficult living situation should force Yeon Soo to be strong and selfish towards everyone around. Only Choi Woong can see her true self. That’s why Choi Woong realized that she was only gentle and lived true to herself when she was with him.

Our Beloved Summer is premiered on Netflix every Monday and Tuesday night.


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