“KBS Drama Awards”: Best Dressed Jung Soo-jung vs. Worst Dressed Kwon Na-ra

Celebrating the bright New Year of the Tiger, let’s take a look back on the fashion choices of the actors who were loved by viewers in 2021. 

A “Drama Awards” is seen as a feast for actors who have performed brilliantly throughout the year. As it is an official event in front of viewers at the end of 2021, it is also fun to watch the actors appearing in colorful dresses at such a year-end awards ceremony. Some stars pursue new looks in completely different styles, while others have attracted attention with their sensible looks that further enhance their charm. Celebrating the bright New Year of the Tiger, let’s take a look back on the fashion choices of the actors who were loved by viewers in 2021.

Thumbs up! 

Jung Soo-jung_The combination of the calm and simple olive-colored dress and Jung Soo-jung‘s chic etiquette produced the best results. The Halterneck sleeveless dress gives off a fascinating atmosphere without an unconventional exposure. Jung Soo-jung‘s perfect body line, which looks good in tight-fit dresses, also adds a part. How many points to give to this perfect look? 100 points. No, 1,000 points. No, 10,000 points.

Jung Soo-jung

It’s pretty!

Park Gyu-young_I can’t believe that Park Gyu-young can be this chic with bobbed hair. Park Kyu-young stood on the red carpet in a slip-shaped white dress. The bottom of her dress flows in unbalance, adding splendor to her overall look. On top of that, the neatly arranged tassel-cut bobbed hair further enhanced her elegant and sophisticated charm. It is the perfect dress look for Park Kyu-young, the next generation of “shorthair trendsetter.”

ark Gyu-young

So so

Go Min-si_The unobtrusive two-piece dress made Go Min-si‘s feminine yet cute vibe stand out. The actress presented a gorgeous awards ceremony look by wearing a crop top and a skirt with bold side-slit details. The glitter-style top gave off a sense of year-end atmosphere. However, the skirt was a bit long that it covered Go Min-si‘s height.

Go Min-si

Who’s your stylist?

Park Eun-bin_Park Eun-bin appeared on the red carpet in a velvet dress and half-up hairstyle. It is difficult to say that it was a fashion choice that took advantage of Park Eun-bin’s strengths, from her rather ambiguous hairstyle to the mid-length dress. Park Eun-bin is pretty enough without any special styling, but rather, her excessive styling for the awards ceremony has created an awkwardness.

Park Eun-bin

Oh, no!

Kwon Na-ra_Kwon Na-ra wore a see-through dress with dot details. From the see-through details of the red dress that reminds people of onion nets to the awkward belt, neither of them could wash away the rustic feeling. If retro styling was her goal, the concept worked properly. Her fashion that seems to have returned to the 1950s and the excessive color of the red dress that is likely to blend in with the red carpet raised doubts about whether this was considered an awards ceremony look.

Kwon Na-ra
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