BTS Suga, RM, and Jin fully recovered from COVID-19 and are now back to daily activities

Following BTS Suga, RM and Jin were also confirmed to have been fully recovered from COVID-19.

Big Hit Music announced on Jan 4th, “RM and Jin were released from quarantine as of 12 P.M today”, adding, “They can now return to their daily activities”. Suga also received the result of his recovery the previous day.

Suga entered Korea after a long flight from the U.S on Dec 23rd last year. Immediately after returning home, he was tested positive for the infectious disease in a PCR test.

On Dec 25th last year, RM was also confirmed positive through a PCR test before enđing his self-quarantine period. On the same day, Jin appeared to have the symptoms of a cold then was also tested ‘positive’ for COVID-19.

Suga, RM and Jin received treatments from home for 10 days. Suga was cured on Jan 3rd, while RM and Jin finally ended their quarantine on Jan 4th.

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During the quarantine period, Suga and RM had no specific symptoms. In the case of Jin, BTS’s agency said, “In the early stages of home treatment, he developed minor symptoms, such as mild fevers, but he has completely recovered.”

Big Hit Music also added, “We would like to express our deep gratitude to fans who have been worried about our artists’ health and medical staff who have worked hard to help our artists recover from COVID-19”.

Lastly, they said, “We will continue to consider the health and safety of our artists as our top priorities and faithfully follow the pandemic prevention guidelines.”

Meanwhile, BTS is currently enjoying their long-term vacation. After taking a break, they will prepare for concerts in Seoul, which will be held in March.


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