4 attractive points of “My Liberation Notes”

Viewers’ response to “My Liberation Notes” is unusual.

JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes” (directed by Kim Seok-yoon/written by Park Hae-young) is drawing attention every day. “My Liberation Notes”, which continued to be well-received with each episode, broke its own highest rating in episode 12 with 5.6% in the Seoul metropolitan area and 5.0% nationwide (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households). It also stood out in the topicality rankings. According to the TV topicality research company Good Data Corporation, “My Liberation Notes” ranked first in the drama TV topicality category for 2 consecutive weeks, while Son Seok-koo and Kim Ji-won ranked first and second in the drama cast topicality category for 3 consecutive weeks. Let’s take a look at some attractive points of “My Liberation Notes”.

“Revere couple” loveline

The special relationship between Yeom Mi-jung (played by Kim Ji-won) and Mr. Goo (played by Son Seok-koo) is drawing attention. The beginning of their story was “revere”. Yeom Mi-jung, who had been repeating her empty life, approached Mr. Goo, a man who did not know her name or past, and confessed, “Revere me.” Yeom Mi-jung felt a sense of kinship with Mr. Goo, who only drank alcohol every day and did not speak a word. The thought that a man with an inner side that resembles her would be able to understand this empty life and the desire to be freed from boredom led him to Mr. Goo. Yeom Mi-jung confessed her desperation through the unfamiliar word “revere”. The two’s “revere” that started in that way gave a deep excitement. Yeom Mi-jung and Mr. Goo began to fill their inner deficiencies by spending time together. All they did was listen to each other’s stories, walk together and have a drink together. However, through those times, Yeom Mi-jung and Mr. Goo became different people from before. The relationship between the two, who changed by saving each other, impressed viewers and gave them courage. The person who makes them want to change, the person who supports them without asking anything. The two have become such beings to each other. “Revere” was another name for love.

My Liberation Notes

Solid narrative

“My Liberation Notes” approached viewers at its own pace. Rather than dramatic events, it paid attention to ordinary daily lives, and gradually permeated the characters’ emotional changes by accumulating them in detail. The layered narrative showed explosive power at some point. Entering the second half, the story flowed more powerfully. The stories unfolded in detail in the first half, including the fateful first meeting of the Revere couple, Yeom Chang-hee (played by Lee Min-ki) getting the foreign car he dreamed of, Yeom Ki-jung (played by Lee El), who dreamed of liberation with love, finally starting dating… greeted their key moments. At the same time, a more unpredictable story drew attention. At the center of it was the breakup of the Revere couple. As Mr. Goo returned to his original position, the two eventually broke up. The appearance of Yeom Mi-jung and Mr. Goo, who are alone after a period of time, is adding to viewers’ curiosity about future developments along with deep lingering emotions.

My Liberation Notes

Heart-warming parade of famous lines

As much as a solid narrative, we cannot leave out lines. Heart-warming famous lines such as Mr. Goo’s sincere confession “I revere you” and Yeom Mi-jung’s pledge “I don’t need a heaven to go to when I die. I’ll live to see heaven” were the talk of the town repeatedly. Even at the moment of parting, the conversation between the two left a deep impression. There were lines that perfectly explained the relationship between the two, such as “It’s still normal, boringly normal”, “A normal person is said to be normal when they have the same desire. The desire that everyone has rather than reverence or liberation”… Besides, many lines of Yeom Ki-jung and Yeom Chang-hee also led to empathy.

My Liberation Notes

Funny scenes that gave you a sense of freedom

The beauty of “My Liberation Notes” is its subtle joy. The scenes who do not lose laughter even when telling a serious story adjust the weight of the drama. If the story of Yeom Mi-jung and Mr. Goo flows deeper, the story of Yeom Chang-hee and Yeom Ki-jung maintains a brighter tone. Scenes full of laughter gave another sense of healing and freedom. There are now only 4 episodes left. Attention is focused on what other scenes will make viewers cry and laugh and whether “My Liberation Notes” remaining stories will be filled with charm.

My Liberation Notes

Source: Daum

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