Gyeongbok High School’s vice principal explains about sexual harassment controversy: “Meaningless wording, no malevolent purpose”

The vice-principal of Gyeongbok High School expressed his position on the controversy over sexual harassment towards “aespa”.

On May 9th, the Women’s Newspaper reported the contents of the phone call with Gyeongbok High School’s vice principal. The vice-principal spoke in the protection of some students who were embroiled in the sexual harassment controversy.

The vice-principal said, “The students (who uploaded sexual harassment posts) are very confused because their intention was distorted as if they had uploaded them with malevolent purpose. Actually, the wording in the posts doesn’t mean much.”


When asked about the investigation of additional perpetrators, the vice principal answered, “It’s a matter within SNS and we are investigating it by receiving reports. It’s not easy to trace.” He explained that the scene at that time was different from what was known. He added, “The scene wasn’t too chaotic, even praised (by outsiders) for keeping order well.”

Gyeongbok High School held its 101st-anniversary festival on May 2nd. aespa attended the festival on a celebratory stage. Students flocked to this process. It became controversial as some students uploaded photos and videos of aespa, writing, “Sex X”, “I got to do everything except touching them” and “My girlfriends came. Their bodies XXX f**k X.”


Gyeongbok High School has since issued two apologies, confirming one student and one graduate who uploaded posts. In this regard, an official from the Department of Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education at the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education told Women’s Newspaper, “We plan to send experts to Gyeongbok High School for professional education. (Taking disciplinary action against perpetrators) is up to the school.”


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