JB promises: GOT7 does not disband and will reunite in the future

Even at present, GOT7 members are looking forward to solo activities.  But in the future, they will reunite.

Recently, JYP Entertainment has officially confirmed that all seven members of GOT7 will not renew their contract with the management company and will look for other opportunities.  In the announcement of the company, they announced that all 7 members have decided not to renew their contract and will develop their careers in other companies that suit them.

The news that all 7 members of GOT7 left JYP due to money conflicts

The fact that the members of GOT7 do not renew their contracts with the company creates a lot of mixed feelings for fans.  Many people are happy that the boys can pursue their dreams and thrive in their music careers but are also sad that they won’t be able to see the boy group standing on the same stage right now and maybe in the future.

Many fans and netizens said that even though the group did not officially disband, the current situation still makes it difficult for the members to promote together.  However, leader JB once again emphasized that GOT7 did not disband and will continue to find ways to work together in the future.  He consoled his fans and made sure that the members’ friendship couldn’t be broken easily.

Hope GOT7 will be more successful whether working as a group or solo.

Sources: saostar

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