Henry reveals his recent status for the first time in a month of staying silent due to the pro-China controversy 

Singer Henry broke the silence and reported on his current situation in L.A.

Henry uploaded several photos and videos on his Instagram Story on April  14th without a caption.


Henry, who is reportedly staying in L.A for the filming of JTBC’s entertainment show “Begin Again (Dancer version)”, revealed his recent status with his unique bright smile. With a playful expression, he took a selfie while standing on the stairs of a building and ate in an outdoor restaurant. 

Henry recently made pro-China moves and only focused on his activities in China. In addition, comments criticizing China on Henry’s Youtube channel kept on being deleted as soon as they were written, while comments disparaging Koreans, such as referring to Korea as a small country, stayed on the channel’s comment section, drawing a huge rage from Korean netizens.

When the controversy intensified, Henry released an apology on his SNS account with inaccurate Korean grammar and expressions. Afterward, he deleted the post and announced his position through his agency.

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