“Main dancers” JR and Taeyong embraced each other and had eye contact on stage

The members of “Main dancers” showed off their unwavering friendship.

NU’EST W JR and NCT127 Taeyong are the main characters. They participated in a recording of MBC-TV’s “Show! Music Core” that aired on December 1st.

NU’EST W performed”Help Me” and NCT127 sang “Simon Says.” They showed their charismatic performance on perfect stage.

"Main dancers" JR and Taeyong embraced each other and had eye contact on stage

All the members of the group who participated in the recording were on stage together ahead of the announcement. They’ve been waiting for the ranking announcement together.

The main character was Wanner One. As the song “Spring Wind” came out, the other group members stepped off the stage one by one.

There was a scene that caught everybody’s eyes. It was JR and Taeyong, the members of “Main Dancer.” Taeyong walked out of the center of the stage.

He ran into JR on the edge of the stage. As soon as they found each other, they grinned and hugged each other.

JR put his arms around Taeyong‘s shoulders. They kept talking and went down the stage.

Netizens said: “I love this kind of friendship,” “Puppy friendship,” “Jetty is so good,” “They are so close,” and “I hope they can do something together.”

On the other hand, JR and Taeyong have filmed “Main dancers” by Dispatch in September with GOT7 Yugyeom, Monster X Shownu, Seventeen Hoshi and The Boyz Q.

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