Se7en “I almost ended up with Lee Da Hae because of ‘this’ before before marriage” (Radio Star)

Singer Se7en will appear on “Radio Star”.

MBC’s high-quality talk show “Radio Star” (planned by Kang Young Sun/directed by Lee Yoon Hwa, Kim Myung Yeop), which is scheduled to air at 10:30 PM on July 12th, will be decorated as the special episode “Radio Star Golden Clinic” featuring Choi Sung Kook, Se7en, Swings and Na Sun Wook.


Se7en, who debuted in 2003, was a dance singer who dominated the Korean music industry in the 2000s. He recently married Lee Da Hae after 8 years of dating and received congratulations from many people.

Se7en, who visited “Radio Star” for the first time, reveals the stories behind his “wedding of the century” with Lee Da Hae. He arouses curiosity by confessing that he was scolded by Lee Da Hae on the wedding day.


Se7en also draws attention by revealing that he almost ended up with Lee Da Hae because of “this” before getting married. He raises curiosity about the identity of “this” that caused the conflict between the two.

Along with this, Lee Da Hae delivers a surprise tip-off video to “Radio Star”. She said, “Se7en is a golden kid.” She then exposes the new groom Se7en’s “golden kid” moments, making the recording studio a sea of laughter.

Se7en talks about the rumor surrounding the bachelor party held by GD ahead of his marriage. On top of that, he also reveals the secret story of the legendary video that caught GD and Taeyang’s discipline (?) in the past.


Se7en also tells the secret story of almost becoming the second “Deux” with his high school senior Rain. At the same time, he raises curiosity by saying that he will reveal a heartwarming story about how he was helped by Rain during his trainee days.

On this day, Se7en regains his original intention after 20 years by performing his debut song “Come Back to Me” on “Radio Star”. It is known that the cast of “Radio Star” expressed admiration towards his performance, raising expectations.

Source: Daum

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