Unique traits that you can use to spot YG idols 

From hypnotizing lyrics to love for cultural foods to bold media presence, YG artists know how to make themselves stand out. 

YG is among the top entertainment companies in Korea, home to talented artists with unique colors. Just by mentioning YG artists, netizens immediately think of “swag” and boldness. However, there are many other distinctive points that can only be found in YG artists and nowhere else.  

Sensational “lalala” 

Just recently, BLACKPINK officially left their long hiatus and made a resounding comeback with the CGI MV “Ready For Love”, which garnered rounds of applause from fans. Specifically, listeners are enamored by Rosé’s mesmerizing park, where she sang “lalala”, which reminded them of the scene-stealing “lalala” part in another song of BLACKPINK, “Stay”.


Previously, BIGBANG’s comeback song “Still Life” also caused a wave of enthusiasm, and once again introduced a “lalala” part that quickly imprinted itself on the minds of their fans. The same riveting “lalala” could be found in the group’s other tracks like “Sober” and “Good Boy” (G-Dragon and Taeyang).

Bigbang-Still Life

Explosive debut songs 

Spanning across generations, YG artists never fail to leave an indelible impression with their debuts. Up to this point, BIGBANG’s “LaLaLa” was still considered a “legend”, while 2NE1 once rocked the industry with “Fire” and “Lollipop”. Continuing the tradition, BLACKPINK blew netizens away with “Boombayah” and “Whistle”, while TREASURE made a strong impression with “Boy”. 

Directly dissing the media 

Speaking of YG’s unique traits, the public cannot forget their artists’ “taunting” the media. In 2014, G-Dragon whipped up a whirlwind when the rapper dissed MAMA and Mnet on their own stage. After he and his group were mistreated countless times, the rapper put his foot down, causing the broadcast stations to beware. 

On “Mnet Gaon Chart Music Awards 2019”, Jennie wore a red dress to subtly clap back at Dispatch after her dating status with EXO’s Kai was exposed by them. Accordingly, in her performance for “SOLO”, the idol was the center of countless clicking media directed towards her while she herself looked confident and unfazed. 

Following no one on Instagram 

The strong personality of YG artists can also be found in their media use, and netizens were surprised to find out that all BLACKPINK members never follow anyone. From their company, fellow group mates, to endorsed brands – there’s no such thing as an exception. 

It looks like YG idols always walk on their own paths. To the public, YG artists always bring a unique sense which cannot be found elsewhere. 

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