After Noze, “Single’s Inferno” Freezia is the next celebrity to be criticized for sexualizing school uniforms

“Single’s Inferno” Song Ji-ah has been embroiled in controversy over sexualizing school uniforms.

Song Ji-ah, who drew a lot of attention through Netflix’s original series Single’s Inferno,” participated in the recording of “Knowing Bros” at JTBC Studio in Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on January 13th. In the photo taken on her way to work released on the same day, Song Ji-ah showed off her charm with a cropped shirt and short skirt as a school uniform. Song Ji-ah made a heart with her arm raised above her head and showed off her healthy appearance with solid abs.

Freezia sexualizing school uniforms

Regarding this, some netizens pointed out that she was “sexually commercializing” the school uniform. They said, “Students are the main people who wear school uniforms, but why did she have to wear a cropped shirt?” “School uniforms are usually student clothing, so it’s kind of weird for them to be reformed to look sexy like that.”

Dancer Noze, who previously participated in the recording of “Knowing Bros,” caused the same controversy with a crop shirt. In response, netizens said they wanted celebrities to be a little more careful while wearing school uniforms.

Freezia sexualizing school uniforms

Other netizens refuted that it is not a problem, saying, “If it is the students’ freedom to crop their skirts, and how is cropping a shirt sexualizing it?” and “It is pretty though.” The two sides continue to have a tight debate.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-ah said through her agency Hyowon CNC on January 11th, “I am very grateful that I am receiving more love and attention than usual, and I want to communicate with you via more content,” adding, “I plan to be more active in various fields such as TV variety shows and advertisements in the future.”


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