Concerns arise over Madonna’s plastic surgery obsession and mental health 

From cheekbone filler to convex cheeks, netizens, professionals, and even a friend said Madonna is too obsessed with her heyday. 

As pop star Madonna draws attention for her shocking change due to excessive plastic surgery, American media outlet New York Post published an attention-grabbing article titled “Madonna obsessed with cheeks, wants to look like ‘2000s’ version of self”. 

madonna grammys

On February 6th (local time), Madonna appeared at the 65th Grammy Awards at the Arena in Los Angeles, USA. Here, she introduced Sam Smith and Kim Petras, and at the same time paid tribute to all the “rebels” and “problems”.

Kim Petras also mentioned Madonna after being named the winner of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with “Unholy”, saying, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without Madonna fighting for LGBT rights.”

madonna grammys

But even with such a significant comment, it was Madonna’s changed appearance that drew the most attention.

In particular, social media was ablaze with stories of Madonna, with ordinary people as well as celebrities all in heated discussion. Reactions, which range from criticisms of the pop star’s plastic surgery obsession, to concerns about her mental health, can be seen all across the internet. 

In fact, a source close to Madonna told the New York Post that the singer’s puffy face is the result of her cheek obsession. “She doesn’t realize that it’s making her look a bit like a caricature of herself,” they stated. 


An acquaintance also revealed that Madonna is trying to defy the nature of aging, saying, “She wants to look like ‘2000s Madonna’ and refers to herself in the third person. She’s very aware that her face is one of the most recognizable on the planet so … she doesn’t want to be a cartoon version of herself.”

Furthermore, the same source mentioned that Madonna has become obsessed with the notion that puffy cheeks hide her aging lines, so she keeps her cheeks swollen irregardless of other people’s opinions. 

Madonna is also known to have a “skin watch” team, who constantly use products and procedures to keep the pop star’s skin from aging. 

Meanwhile, regarding plastic surgery rumors, Madonna said in a 2012 interview that she was “definitely not against plastic surgery”, but was “absolutely against having to discuss it.”

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On the other hand, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Leslie Stevens of the Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills expressed regret over Madonna’s appearance, noting that the singer obviously had her cheeks and jawline increased in fullness, “almost to a grotesque amount”. He also suspected that Madonna elevated her lateral brows and had a lip lift as well as lip fillers. 

Dr. Stevens also felt sad to see “a natural beauty become so unnatural”. He even told New York Post that Madonna “could be a perfect example of when a practitioner goes against their ethics and better judgment to retain a celebrity client.”

Source: New York Post

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