Pakistani righteous men saved 4 people at the Itaewon disaster scene… “It’s sad that we couldn’t save more lives”

“Because I did what I had to do as a human being…”

On Nov 3rd, JTBC News released an interview with Pakistani righteous men who saved 4 people at the scene of the Itaewon disaster.

Pakistani man itaewon stampede

Muhammad Shabbir is a Pakistani who came to Korea last month to meet his older brother Ahmed.

Shabbir has been working at a large hospital for 7 years after obtaining a nurse’s license in Pakistan.

Pakistani man itaewon stampede

The brothers visited Itaewon because they were curious about Korea’s Halloween culture. At this time, they saw many people who lost consciousness and collapsed.

Shabbir recalled the situation at that time, “I did CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on about 15~20 people. I watched the reaction stage, but there was no response.”

Pakistani man itaewon stampede

A total of 4 people regained consciousness thanks to his first aid.

The brothers stayed at the scene until 7:30 AM last Sunday to help fix the accident.

Ahmed said, “I was tired, but it was okay. I was happy because I did what I had to do as a human being. It’s still sad that we couldn’t save more lives.”

Shabbir confessed, “When I first came to Korea, I saw with my own eyes that it’s a very friendly and peaceful place. My wish is to study more in Korea then get a job as a nurse here.”

Source: dispatch

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