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Another controversy over judgments on “Street Man Fighter”? Fans claim that Mnet’s teaser evil editing affected the votes and led to the elimination of 1MILLION 

“Street Man Fighter” is embroiled in another controversy over the judges’ evaluations. It is argued that the production team’s evil editing affected the scores.

On the new broadcast of Mnet’s entertainment program “Street Man Fighter”, which aired at 10:20 p.m on October 25th, the result of the second mission “Muse of Street Man Fighter” completed with female dancers was revealed.

MBitious advanced to the final as they ranked No.1 in the semi-final mission, while 1MILLION and EODDAE were eliminated. 

On the broadcast, 100 dancers of various dancing genres joined the episode as professional judges to conduct real-time screening on the site. The final score of this round was calculated by adding up the scores given by the fight judges, online public evaluation, and professional judges

Among the crews, 1MILLION met with Latin dancers Kim Ji-soo, Kwak Mi-ri, Han Yu-na, On Li Seo. 1MILLION tried to learn the basics of dance sports for the first time and struggled to mix dance sports with the choreography genre. Adding the passionate Latin vibe to their free-spirited choreography movements, 1MILLION successfully completed the first Latin-Choreo performance with the National team’s Latin dancers as their “muses”. They received a score of 92.53 from professional judges.

Street Man Fighter 1milion

After many twists and turns, No.4 1MILLION faced No.5 Bank Two Brothers in the elimination battle and Bank Two Brothers eventually won after a neck-and-neck race. As a result, Bank Two Brothers advanced to the final, while 1MILLION was eliminated. 1MILLION left the fight zone and tearfully expressed their feelings about being eliminated.

Street Man Fighter 1milion

However, the viewers pointed out that the judgments were affected by the teaser released by Mnet that made 1MILLION look like they would get a low score. 

Street Man Fighter 1milion

While other teams were shown to get both good and bad reviews in the teaser video, 1MILLION was highlighted with only negative evaluations. Mnet edited it using BoA and Choi Young-joon’s words, “I think the professional judges would also place this performance last” and “This is the biggest shame in my life”, and lowered fans’ expectations.

Street Man Fighter 1milion

Moreover, as the score counting period for this mission was relatively short, only 18 hours, 1MILLION fans are claiming that the poor flow of public opinion and image at the beginning of the round greatly affected the result.

They commented, “If you make a teaser like that, ordinary people without any knowledge about dancing will think these moves are impossible”, “As the heated reactions of fans decreased after the release of the teaser, many of them wouldn’t have watched the broadcast. This must have affected the public evaluation score in many ways”, etc. Comments complaining about the editing of the production team are still pouring out.

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