Former AOA’s ChoA, “I was really lost about what to do with my life”

ChoA, a former member of girl group AOA, recently disclosed her current life situation after departing from the group.

On May 7, a video featuring singer Sung Si-kyung and former AOA member ChoA was published on the YouTube channel of Sung Si-kyung. In the video, the two met at a restaurant in Seongsu-dong.

Here, when asked about her current situation, ChoA simply replied that she was “just living”.

Then, Sung Si-kyung questioned what she’s been up to, to which ChoA responded, “I’ve been preparing properly for my album while also doing YouTube. I felt like I hadn’t prepared my albums properly, so I’m working on that. I recently started drinking, and it’s been really nice listening to music while drinking. It feels like I’ve gone back to when I was twenty. I need to prepare well for this.”

ChoA continued, saying, “I’ve been feeling really down lately. Even after coming back, there’s no stable position for me. It’s not like I’m going to act after being an idol. So I was really lost about what to do with my life. Instead of wanting to become a star, when I’m feeling down or painfully lonely, I find solace in music. That’s why I want to do what singers do – receive applause, response, and love from people.”

As for the reason, ChoA, who wants to try writing lyrics and composing, added, “I write lyrics and compose on top of type beats. What I’ve recently realized is that it’s very attractive for an artist to tell their own story through lyrics.”

Finally, ChoA, who was a main vocalist in AOA, expressed her concern, saying, “It’s inadequate to call an idol’s main vocalist an artist, and as I’m getting older, it’s difficult for me to carry out group songs alone. How should I deal with this?” 

To this, Sung Si-kyung advised, “You need to release songs quickly. That’s how you’ll find the answer.”

Source: Nate

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