Shin Hye Sun is a Boxer-Turned-Teacher Going after Evil Student Lee Jun Young in New Action Film “Brave Citizen”

Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jun Young star alongside each other in this new action movie

On September 21st, a press conference for the movie “Brave Citizen” was held in Seoul. Director Park Jin Pyo, actors Shin Hye Sun, and Lee Jun Young attended the event.

Brave Citizen

The movie “Brave Citizen,” based on a webtoon with a rating of 9.8 on Naver Webtoon, tells the story of So Shi Min (Shin Hye Sun), a substitute teacher, a contract worker who pretends not to see injustice, acts as if she has no temper, and appears physically weak. She crosses paths with Han Soo Kang (played by Lee Jun Young), a reckless student who crosses the line. Their encounter results in a delightful tale of events.

Director Park Jin Pyo praised the two lead actors, “Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jun Young are exactly like the webtoon characters. I was so absorbed in watching their performances that I even missed some shots. They are truly talented actors, and it was an honor to work with them.”

Brave Citizen

The director continued, “I found the original webtoon enjoyable and appealing. The concept of a mask in the original was something I really liked. I thought of a mask as the courage that hides in our hearts, something difficult to bring out. I liked that.”

Shin Hye Sun said, “My character used to be a promising boxer but became a substitute teacher enduring injustice. I had never acted in the action genre properly before, but I decided to participate because I thought I could do action well. I felt refreshed.”

Lee Jun Young introduced his character as “a student who is older than his peers due to a certain incident. Just a bad character.”

After his role in the Netflix original series “Mask Girl,” Lee Jun Young once again took on a villain role and commented, “The bad guys keep coming, and this one is even worse than the last. I thought I should differentiate it from my role in ‘Mask Girl.’ To portray a different kind of evil, I had many discussions with the director.”

Brave Citizen

Lee Jun Young mentioned that he has a personality that can’t stand injustice, “When I see injustice, I can’t just endure it. I think I need to learn to let it go. It’s hard. When I see injustice, I can’t hold back.”

To prepare for her role as So Shi Min, Shin Hye Sun said, “I attended action school for six months.” She confessed, “My basic physical fitness was really lacking. To even remotely emulate the action scenes in the movie, I had to train hard. We all trained together, but I always had to train separately. It was so tough that it made me nauseous.”

She added with a laugh, “It was so tough that I asked the instructor, ‘Why do I have to train separately?’ and he replied straightforwardly, ‘Because you can’t do it.’ I had nothing to say. I had to accept it and do it.”

“Brave Citizen” is set to be released on October 25th.

Source: daum

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