“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ranks No.1 in TV Topicality Drama Rankings… Showing top performance in all categories

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” overcame the channel limit and took first place in terms of topicality.

According to Good Data TV Topicality Drama Rankings in the 5th week of June, ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” topped the list.

Among the four elements that make up topicality, it ranked first in VON (Voice of net) and SNS categories, second in the news category and third in the video category, showing the top performance in all categories. In particular, Park Eun-bin, who plays Woo Young-woo, took first place in the cast topicality category, while Kang Tae-oh ranked 11th.

There are also various reactions to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which became ENA’s first top-notch drama.

Good Data’s research team analyzed the reasons why “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is so popular through posts. The directing in which other characters in the drama did not see Woo Young-woo from a discriminatory perspective despite her autism spectrum disorder was well received. Park Eun-bin’s excellent acting as Woo Young-woo was added, making viewers feel warm, fun and healing. Besides, there is a public opinion among netizens that they want “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” to be known through word of mouth.

Won Soon-woo, CEO of Good Data, analyzed, “Among the recent dramas analyzed through topicality, it is difficult to pick a work that has received favorable reviews in all categories such as scenario, acting, directing and editing like ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’.

tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls“, SBS’ “Why Her” and tvN’s “Eve“, which ranked first, second and third last week, were all lowered one step, while KBS 2TV’s “Café Minamdang“, which was newly introduced along with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, ranked fifth.

Good Data TV Topicality Drama Rankings, released by the Korean broadcasting content competitiveness analysis agency Good Data Corporation on July 4th, is the result of analyzing programs-related information on news articles, VON (blog/community), videos, SNS and netizens’ responses to them, targeting at 17 dramas that are airing or scheduled to air from June 27th, 2022 to July 3rd, 2022.

Source: daum

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