3 big scandals happened this day years ago: Seungri’s dating rumors, Ko Min-si’s underage drinking, false news on Jang Ja-yeon’s passing away

Let’s go on a time machine and take a look at what happened to the entertainment industry.

What happened on March 20th, N years ago? Actress Ko Min-si caused a stir with her controversy over drinking alcohol when she was a minor. Actress Yoo Hye-won was embroiled in a second romance rumor with Seungri from BIGBANG, and actress Yoon Ji-oh raised her voice again over the death of the late Jang Ja-yeon

# Ko Min-si admitted to drinking alcohol when she was still an underage

Go Minsi

Actress Ko Min-si was embroiled in controversy after photos of her drinking at a bar when she was a minor spread online.

Earlier, various online communities posted photos of a character believed to be Ko Min-si drinking with her friends at a bar. In particular, it became controversial when it was revealed that Ko Min-si was still a minor when the photo was taken.

In this regard, Ko Min-si said on her Instagram on March 20th, 2021, “First thing first, I’m sorry for posting this due to my bad doing and for causing concern about my drinking photos when I was a minor. I’m sure there were people who wanted it not to be me with the heart of supporting me, and I’m sure there were people who wanted me to quickly admit that it was me,” she said.

Go Minsi

She then continued, “Without any denial, I am the person in the photo. I myself think it’s unfair that everything should be washed away like water simply because I was young and because it’s the past when I wasn’t mature.”

“I am also well aware of the indescribable wounds you will receive from this fact. I’m aware that my past actions are wrong and I feel responsible for my doings in the past. Sometimes, words are not everything, and my sincerity may not be fully conveyed, but I am sincerely sorry to those who have been hurt by me. I will try to be more mature and go on the right way,” she bowed her head to apologize.

#Yoo Hye-won and Seungri’s second dating rumor, “No Answer”.

Yoo HyewonSeungri

On March 20, 2020, actress Yoo Hye-won expressed her position as “no comment” on rumors of her romantic relationship with Seungri from Big Bang resurfaced.

Earlier, rumors of Seungri and Yoon Hye-won‘s romantic relationship spread on online communities. Suspicions have been raised that Seungri accompanied his girlfriend when he was admitted to the boot camp of the 6th Division of the Army in Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do.

Yoo Hyewon

Netizens pointed out that his girlfriend was Yoo Hye-won, citing photos taken at the time of his enlistment. The reason was that the dog in the car where Seungri came out from, was of the same breed as Yoo Hye-won‘s dog.

However, Yoo Hye-won‘s agency at the time said cautiously, “It is difficult to confirm because it is the actress’s personal life.”

Since then, as rumors of their romantic relationship have continued to become a hot topic, Yoo Hye-won has only posted one Instagram post without talking about the issue, and switched all the other posts to private.

# Yoon Ji-oh “The late Jang Ja-yeon, not sexual favours, but sexual assault victim”

Yoon Jioh

On March 20, 2019, the late Jang Ja-yeon‘s colleague actress Yoon Ji-oh expressed anger in relation to the deceased’s case.

Yoon Ji-oh was known as an eyewitness who was with the deceased at the drinking party before her death. On the same day, she wrote on her Instagram, “As expected, there were a lot of things that interfered to break my actions with incredible timing.”

She said, “These are the contents mentioned in the live broadcast of ‘Tonight in Kim Je-dong’. First, I’ve never gave anyone sexual favors, and my unnie (the deceased), who I know and remember, is the same. Second is the fact that she was forced, not willingly, to give sexual favours. They were supposed to stress that it was sexual assault, not sexual favours, and that the case should be called “victim ‘ㅇㅇ’ case” rather than the ‘Jang Ja-yeon case’.The responsibility and duty to reveal the list should be done by the investigative agency, not by the witnesses.”

 Jang Jayeon

“The media, which has misrepresented her ‘document’ as a ‘will’, tarnished the deceased’s honor with false reports that she had been forced to make the ‘sexual payment’ and that the list with the names (of the perpetrators) was her will.” For a long time of 10 years, there has not been a single apology for correction or correction in the wrong report. I think it is reasonable to ask if they feel anything after seeing the MC and MBC’s official apology for the last (false) news live broadcast, and that responsibility should be taken by the media.”

Regarding indiscriminate sensational reporting, she also said, “We demand formal corrections and apologies for the loss of the honor of the deceased rather than more sensational and provocative reports,” adding, “I hope these irresponsible media reports will no longer be repeated.”

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