This successful actress is suddenly being criticized for lackluster acting?

Famous for her acting talents, yet this actress’s performance in a new work is said to be controversial.

Kim Hee Sun

The new MBC drama “Tomorrow” marks the return of famous actress Kim Hee Sun, who is now 45 years old. Despite an entire career mostly playing gentle women, the actress has completely reinvented her image in this latest work. With short pink hair and leather clothing, Hee Sun’s character is deemed as stronger and more girlboss than anything the actress has done before. 

Kim Hee Sun

However, this total transformation doesn’t sit well with many viewers, making this a rare occasion where Kim Hee Sun got criticized for her acting. In particular, many netizens believe that Hee Sun is unable to portray the edgier vibes of Grim Reaper Goo Ryun, and still acts too meek and kind for such a rebellious character. 

Kim Hee Sun

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Personally, I don’t think Kim Hee Sun suits this role, she feels too try-hard sometimes. Or maybe I’m just too used to a more kind and feminine Hee Sun. 
  • The side characters completely steal the show in this series, the main cast really doesn’t shine that much
  • Kim Hee Sun looks awkward at times, as if she is unable to escape her gentle image. 
  • I was so impressed by the still cuts but then I watched the series and got disappointed. Kim Hee Sun just can’t be rebellious. 
Kim Hee Sun


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