The sorrow of those who remain, ‘Moonbin’s best friends’ Seungkwan and SinB canceled schedules due to health reasons

At the sad news of the late Moonbin, his close friends VIVIZ SinB and Seventeen Seungkwan have canceled their schedules due to poor health conditions.

On April 22nd, VIVIZ’s agency Big Planet Made Entertainment released a notice, saying “We have decided to cancel VIVIZ’s Grammy Museum Panel interview & stage and red carpet scheduled for April 22nd due to the poor health condition of the artists”.


They continued, “We will attend the We Bridge Music Festival & Expo Concert, and we ask for your understanding”, adding “We sincerely apologize for causing concern to fans who have been looking forward to meeting VIVIZ for a long time with this sudden news”.

Earlier, Seventeen Seungkwan also announced his absence from the Mnet’s “M Countdown” pre-recording on the 20th. That day, Seventeen’s agency Pledis Entertainment stated, “It is difficult for the artist to participate in the schedule because of his poor health condition. We would like to apologize to all the fans and ask for your understanding.”


SinB and Seungkwan are Moonbin’s ‘98line’ best friends. SinB had been friends with Moonbin for 18 years and they shared many memories together during their childhood and while carrying out activities as singers. Seungkwan and Moonbin often boasted about their special friendship by posting photos taken together on SNS. In an interview with GQ Korea in February, Moonbin also picked Seungkwan and SinB as celebrities he was close to. He said, “I have lots of memories with Seungkwan. I don’t like going out, but I think I have gone to many places thanks to him. I’ve known SinB since we were 8 years old, and I found it amazing when she debuted with GFRIEND”, showing affection for his friends. Though Moonbin said, “I’m tired of Seungkwan”, he then jokingly added, “I miss Seungkwan on rainy days. I don’t really want to see her, but I miss her sometimes”.

In the meantime, netizens are also worrying about Moonbin’s younger sister Moon Sua, a member of the girl group Billlie. Moonbin and Moon Sua showed their extraordinary brother and sister relationship when appearing on KBS2’s “Music Bank” and performed “Candy in My Ears” together. They also joined MBC’s “DNA Mate” earlier in January this year. Fans are pouring supportive messages to comfort Moon Sua who has just lost her brother.

astro moonbin billie moon sua

Meanwhile, Moonbin made his face known to the public by starring in KBS2’s 2009 drama “Boys Over Flower” as Kim Bum. He later debuted in the music industry as a member of ASTRO and gained huge love from fans. Moonbin, who still presented a bright appearance when carrying out activities of the subunit with member Sanha, was suddenly found dead at his residence on the 19th, drawing great regret from the public. His funeral was held privately this morning (April 22nd).

Source: Daum

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