BLACKPINK’s “PINK VENOM” is banned from broadcast on one specific broadcast station  

“PINK VENOM” was banned from promotions on KBS for issues relating to the song lyrics. 

While BLACKPINK is working on their second studio album “BORN PINK” to be released in September, their MV for the pre-released single “PINK VENOM” is currently doing its job opening the scope of coverage on a global scale. Regarded as a “Superhit of the new generation”, the song marks BLACKPINK’s return after two years of absence and reaffirms their position in youth’s culture. Unfortunately, the new single is facing an obstacle in Korea by being banned from broadcasting on KBS. 

BLACKPINK only had one music show performance on Inkigayo on August 28th

Same as other Kpop groups, promotions on music programs weekly is an important task with appearances on Inkigayo, Music Bank and M!Countdown as the basis to judge their achievements and bring them weekly cups. As BLACKPINK already made few appearances on music shows in recent years, the banning made fans feel disappointed. 

The lyrics referred directly to Chanel (as “Coco”)
and Celine 

In Lisa’s and Jennie’s lyrics, they mentioned two luxurious brands that these idols themselves are the brand ambassadors. In doing so, “PINK VENOM” is banned by KBS for violating Article 46 “Limiting Advertising effects” under Korean broadcasting law, whereby the song named the brand of a particular product. “Kill This Love” and “Boombayah” were two title tracks previously prohibited from broadcast on KBS. 

blackpink pink venom special stage
BLACKPINK is less likely to receive a weekly cup when “PINK VENOM”’s broadcast time is restricted 

Facing the news of BLACKPINK being banned from broadcast on KBS, fans’ opinions are divisive. There are regrets and unsettling sentiments concerning the strict regulation. Nonetheless, there are people stating that BLACKPINK’s creative works are often too bold, crossing the limits of national broadcasting stations. It becomes normal to follow the set rules.

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