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Crush to make his appearance on “Knowing Bros”. Will he mention his girlfriend Joy?

Singer Crush will appear on “Knowing Bros”.

Crush will guest in the “Girl Crush” special episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”, which is scheduled to air at 8:50 p.m on October 1st, together with Jae Jae and BIBI.

On the broadcast, Crush introduces himself as “a person who is like a ‘smile spoon’”, raising the viewers’ expectations. As Crush raises a heated discussion regarding his unreasonable absence from a wedding, Kang Ho-dong comments “They must be very disappointed in you”, making Crush feel embarrassed.

According to the teaser for that episode, Crush looks shocked when listening to BIBI’s 19+ talks. Eventually, Crush requests, “I’m so sorry but can I change my seat”, making everyone laugh hard.

In the “Knowing University Autumn Festival” section, Crush’s struggles to win the ending stage will be depicted. He shows off his “smile spoon” side through various games, ranging from dancing time to lung capacity competition. He also draws laughter with his appearance when being at loss in the quarrel between Kang Ho-dong and Seo Jang-hoon.

Amidst the extreme competition, fans are wondering whether Crush would be able to end the show with a performance of his new song “Rush Hour (Feat. J-Hope of BTS)”

Meanwhile, Crush released his new song “Rush Hour” on September 22nd and made his first comeback in two years. His new release immediately rose to the top of the real-time charts on major music sites in Korea. Placing No.1 on iTunes Top Song Chart in 41 regions as well as No.2 and No.28 on the U.S Billboard’s ‘World Digital Song Sales’ and ‘Digital Song Sales’, respectively, ‘Rush Hour” achieved many good results in the global music market. 

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