Song Joong Ki 3 years after divorce with Song Hye Kyo: Breakthrough career, happy in love, outstanding finances

Song Joong Ki’s life and career have changed a lot after his separation from former wife, actress Song Hye Kyo

Song Joong KiSong Hye Kyo used to be the hottest couple in the Korean showbiz, shaking Asia with their romance that blossomed after playing a heartfelt couple in “Descendants of the Sun” . However, after only 2 years of marriage, the couple got a divorce and left everyone in deep shock.

After 3 years of going their separate ways, the life and career of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo has experienced numerous changes. For Song Joong Ki, he reached a new career peak and even revealed his British girlfriend, at the same time doing extremely well financially. It’s is no exaggeration to say that his life has flourished following a heart-breaking event. 

Difficult career after divorce, explosive success with a new relationship 

Even before his marriage to Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki has been one of the top actors in Korea, earning a hefty sum with each project. However, he experienced quite the struggle career-wise after the divorce, despite still actively taking on new movies and dramas.

In particular, Song Joong Ki’s first drama after separating with Song Hye Kyo was the 2019 series “Arthdal Chronicles”. However, despite high anticipations and investments, the series was not as successful as expected. 

Next, the actor appeared in the sci-fi movie “Space Sweepers”, which recorded more than 28 million viewers within only 28 days. While the movie was not extremely explosive, it was a rebound for Song Joong Ki to come back with “Vincenzo” and “Reborn Rich” later on. 

“Arthdal Chronicles” failed to achieve explosive success
Space Sweepers
But “Space Sweepers” served as a great stepping stone 

According to Nielsen Korea, “Vincenzo”, which marks Song Joong Ki’s return to the small screen, achieved an average nationwide rating of 14.6% and peaked at 16.2%. The drama took the lead in its time slot even against works from public channels, signaling a strong return. At the same time, rumors have it that it was then that Song Joong Ki started seeing this current lover. 

Now in 2022, Song Joong Ki achieved an explosive effect with “Reborn Rich”. The drama achieved a peak nation-wide rating of 26.9% – the highest for cable dramas within the year. The actor also secured a lot of awards, creating a “sublime” life with both career and love for Song Joong Ki. 

song joong ki Reborn Rich
“Vincenzo” and “Reborn Rich” solidified Song Joong Ki’s standing in the acting industry 

Various dating rumors and official announcement of British girlfriend 

After divorcing Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki constantly got involved in dating rumors, from those with beautiful co-stars like Kim Ok Bin, Kim Ji Won, Jeon Yeo Been, and Kim Tae Ri, to non-celebrity like a lawyer with the surname Han. However, these all turn out to be groundless. 

song joong ki kim tae ri
Song Joong Ki constantly got involved in dating rumors after his divorce 

It came completely unexpected when Song Joong Ki officially announced his girlfriend, who is British, on the morning of December 26th. Netizens also started to speculate that the girlfriend’s identity is former actress Katy Louise Saunders, who was born in 1984, 1 year older than Song Joong Ki. With British and Colombian descent, the former actress boasts outstanding beauty and an extremely sexy body. 

This actress has appeared in various series such as “The Borgia”, “Third Person”, “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”, and “Welcome Home”. It is also said that she is Song Joong Ki’s personal English teacher, and the reason why Song Joong Ki has improved his English skills so spectacularly.

Katy Louis Sanders
Katy Louis Sanders
Katy Louise Saunders
The jaw-dropping beauty and figure of Katy Louise Saunders 

Above all, Song Joong Ki does not hide his relationship at all. It is reported that the actor likes to go on dates near Katy Louise Saunders’ house, takes his girlfriend on a schedule abroad and always prioritizes meeting according to her free time instead of sticking to his tight schedule. On December 7th, Song Joong Ki went to Singapore to attend the press conference for the release of his drama “Reborn Rich” and introduced his girlfriend to the staff. After that, the couple returned to Korea, going viral for their walking side by side while donning matching white outfits. 

Song Joong Ki girlfriend
Song Joong Ki and his girlfriend openly appear together in many schedules

Netizens even speculated that Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend was pregnant and the couple was preparing to get married, so they rushed to publicize their relationship. According to these netizens, when the couple showed up at the airport together, Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend revealed a rather large belly, and was constantly covering and protecting her waist with her hands. The famous actor also acted to protect, having gently hugged his lover when a fan approached too close.

On social media, an alleged fan even revealed that she had met the couple at the antenatal clinic. However, against all this information, Song Joong Ki’s management company only vaguely replied that they can’t confirm the artist’s personal matters, raising suspicions even further. 

song joong ki rumor girlfriend
Netizens are discussing speculations that Song Joong Ki is about to become a father

At the same time, Song Joong Ki is also praised for the timing of his relationship announcement. In particular, he waited for “Reborn Rich” to finish airing so as not to “steal the thunder” of the drama, and only air his dating life afterwards. It also helped that “Reborn Rich” ended up becoming a sensational success. 

Constantly growing properties and improving English skills 

Not only is he an A-class actor with a top payment in Korea, Song Joong Ki is also an impressive “real estate giant”. Recently, the actor has really flourished in real estate investment, earning huge profits.

According to media outlet iNews24, Song Joong Ki’s villa in Itaewon has doubled in price. It is known that the actor bought this 600 square meter villa in November 2016 for 7.65 million USD, which was used as his wedding house with Song Hye Kyo. Then, after the couple got divorced, Song Joong Ki reconstructed the villa in a building with 2 floors above ground and 3 below, with a total floor area of 993 square meters.

As of December 2022, this real estate property has doubled in price, reaching a selling value of 13.77 – 15.3 million USD. Since the building is located in an upscale area in Itaewon, its value will continue to rise, even amid the economic crisis.

Song Joong Ki house
Close-up of Song Joong Ki’s villa before
Song Joong Ki house
… and after rebuilding. The value of this property has doubled in 6 years

On the other hand, Song Joong Ki is currently residing in a high-end apartment in Nine One Hannam, Seoul, which can sell for 7.27 billion USD. He also owns another real estate property in the luxury complex Eterno Cheongdam and a 165-meter-square house in Hawaii, which are valued at about 11.5 million USD and 20.65 million USD, respectively. The actor was praised by iNews24 for his smart investment that resembled his character in “Reborn Rich”.

At the same time, Song Joong Ki’s English ability has improved significantly after getting a new girlfriend. Previously, when married to Song Hye Kyo, the actor rarely used this language. However, Song Joong Ki has been boasting excellent fluency at a recent press conference in Singapore. It is suspected that such drastic improvements have to do with his foreign girlfriend, who is a native English speaker. 

song joong ki viu
Song Joong Ki boasted excellent fluency at a recent press conference in Singapore

Source: iNews24, k14

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