WINNER Song Mino’s father reportedly passes away

On November 21st, Song Minho‘s agency, YG Entertainment, told Newsen, “Song Minho’s father passed away on the 21st. Song Minho is currently guarding the mortuary with his family, and the funeral will be held quietly with his family and friends.”

The company also added, “The funeral of the deceased will be held on November 23rd. We convey our deep condolences to the bereaved family and sincerely pray that the deceased rest in peace.”

song mino

Song Mino has opened up about his affection for his father through a broadcast in the past. He was particularly concerned about his father’s health, saying, “I’m worried a lot because he’s sick right now.”

Song Mino’s father had been hospitalized and receiving treatment until recently, but eventually passed away. Currently, Song Mino is guarding his father’s mortuary in sorrow.

winner mino father

Song Mino debuted as a member of WINNER in 2014 and became popular. WINNER is most known for various hit songs such as ‘Really Really’, ‘Empty’, ‘Every Day’, ‘Millions’, ‘Love Me Love Me’, ‘Island’, ‘Sentimental’, and ‘Don’t Flirt’. 


Since 2018, Song Mino has also promoted as a soloist, releasing songs such as ‘Fiancé’, ‘Run Away’, ‘Bang!’. He also showed off his talent as an entertainer. He shines in entertainment activities. He appeared in ‘New Journey to the West’, ‘Kang Kitchen’, etc., and was recognized for his humor and variety skills.

Source: Daum.

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