Remove of evidence of earning money from Seungri but YG did this to Big Bang’s picture of 5 members

YG had a fixing move when it was criticized for being greedy because the company was still selling Seungri’s products even though he left Big Bang and the company.

YG Entertainment recently made the public angry when selling Seungri’s goods of Seungri even though he was a former Big Bang member and left the company. Before the wave of criticism, many people discovered that YG is gradually removing items related to the “The Great Seungri” tour from its YG Select sales website.

Items related to the “The Great Seungri” tour have now been removed from YG’s sales page …
… even though a few days ago people still saw them on the web

After all, as the company probably wanted to be sure about this, YG also conveniently “erased” the image of Seungri in the Big Bang 5-person print image. But this company made everyone annoyed when it just … blurred Seungri’s face improperly with simple editing skills. As a result, the picture of 5 members Big Bang now looks sloppy and ugly.

Seungri is blurred from Big Bang’s item
However, YG’s actions were criticized as a bad move when it sloppily removed the former member’s face
Seungri’s face is completely erased in a set of goods with Big Bang pictures of 5 people

It is said that Seungri is no longer working with Big Bang and YG, but fans think the company should fix his image more carefully than just erasing his face in such a sloppy way just to avoid being criticized and making the fans feel uneasy.

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