The reason why Jennie became BLACKPINK’s main rapper

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, one of the most multi-talented YG artists, is considered one of the most excellent female rappers in K-pop today. The story of how Jennie became a rapper has attracted much attention. 

When appearing in Zach Sang Show, Jennie once revealed about how she started her journey to become a main rapper. Specifically, Jennie said that when she was a trainee at YG Entertainment, she was the only person who could speak English fluently. Therefore, when assigned to cover English songs with other trainees, Jennie often took on the rap parts.

The reason why Jennie became BLACKPINK’s main rapper

 “We were frequently asked to cover pop songs, and you know they always have raps. One day, one trainer told me, ‘You can speak English pretty fast. Why don’t you try rapping?’ I was like, ‘Okay.’ Anyway, I enjoyed rapping as soon as I started doing it. I pretty much just rapped until I made my debut, but I really like singing nowadays.” Jennie excitedly recounted.

The reason why Jennie became BLACKPINK’s main rapper
Jennie discovered she could rap when she was a trainee. 

How Jennie came across rapping and started pursuing rap as a passion was very natural, without any compulsion. Challenging herself with something new, Jennie could showcase her full potential.

After years of training, Jennie officially debuted as the main rapper of BLACKPINK. She quickly gained a large number of fans because of her charming voice and unique rap flow. Jennie’s rap verses in BLACKPINK‘s songs are all difficult and go viral everytime. Especially in the hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, Jennie impressed fans with her fast rap. She could rap 7.88 syllables in just 1 second, equivalent to 63 syllables in only 8 seconds.

The reason why Jennie became BLACKPINK’s main rapper

Despite being one of the top female rappers in K-pop 3rd gen, Jennie still works hard on her singing technique.  In addition to being the main rapper, she is also the lead vocalist of BLACKPINK.  Compared to the group’s main vocalist Rosé, Jennie‘s vocal skills, voice color and delivery are not inferior.

Jennie also often receives many singing segments in BLACKPINK songs such as Ice Cream, How You Like That, Lovesick Girls.  In addition, she is also highly appreciated for her ability to sing live stably.  Rosé and Jennie‘s vocal harmonies always make fans “crazy”.

The reason why Jennie became BLACKPINK’s main rapper

During the release of her debut solo song SOLO in 2018, Jennie proved herself to be an “all-rounder”. Jennie is undeniably one of the most talented idols under YG Entertainment.

The reason why Jennie became BLACKPINK’s main rapper

Jennie and BLACKPINK have risen to become the top K-pop idols after more than 5 years. Each of the girls has a distinct and appealing style. Jennie and BLACKPINK “accidentally” become the “standard” of female idols at times. It is extremely difficult for a girl group to surpass BLACKPINK at the moment. 

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