Yoo Ah-in talked about Netflix’s “Hellbound”, “I got hit in the back of my head several times.”

Actor Yoo Ah-in expressed his thoughts about Netflix’s drama “Hellbound”.

On November 25th, Yoo Ah-in posted a video of an interview in informal language with Netflix on his Instagram. The released video showed Yoo Ah-in talking about “Hellbound”.

First of all, Yoo Ah-in explained “Hellbound” as “Unprecedented. Never seen before and will never be seen in the future. It’s killing. An amazing work has been released”. Then, regarding director Yeon Sang-ho, he said, “I really respect the director for his driving force, charisma, and sense of humor while directing the scenes.”

When the name of Kim Hyun-joo came out, Yoo Ah-in replied, “She’s really great. The best. Her attitudes towards acting, her character, and immersing in the scenes were really excellent. I had a big respect for her.”

Regarding his own character – Jeong Jin-soo, he said, “He’s the hope of a new era. Because I’m Chairman Jeong Jin-soo” and made Netflix staff laugh a lot. In particular, when asked what his favorite scene was, Yoo Ah-in drew attention by choosing the ending of the 6th episode when sinner Park Jung-ja (Kim Shin-rok) appeared. He said, “I got hit in the back of my head several times, but that hit at the end of episode 6 hurt the most.”

Yoo Ah-in talked about Netlfix’s “Hellbound”, “I got hit in the back of my head several times.”
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