Same outfits, different charms: Stars who share the same outfits in the middle of May

Recently, idols and stars from West to East have had some of the most intriguing fashion encounters.

Suzy – Shuhua

Suzy - Shuhua
Suzy and Shuhua show off individual beauty in the same bold office set from the Self Portrait brand
Suzy attracts attention with her mature and serious image. The black suit, combined with straight hair and heavy makeup, adds maturity to Suzy’s image. Moreover, the actress’ golden figure allows for a minimalistic but luxurious look
With the same outfit, (G)I-DLE Shuhua gives off a youthful appearance thanks to a brighter makeup style and light brown hair, both of which are flattering on the idol’s light complexion

Angelababy – Suzy – Natalie Portman

Angelababy - Suzy - Natalie Portman
Dior’s legendary sparkling blue dress that was worn by Angelababy and Suzy made a comeback. This time, it is worn by Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman to the red-carpet event of the “76th Cannes Film Festival”.
Natalie Portman removes the straps to emit a simple yet elegant look. She uses a mini black belt to enhance an already slim appearance. The gentle nude makeup that Natalie opts for adds gentleness to her overall image
In the past, Suzy boasted a sweet image in the dress with light makeup and natural, flowy tresses
When it was worn by Angelababy, the actress showed off a fairy-like beauty

Shuhua – Winter – Sakura

A body-hugging denim dress with two enormous buckles made an appearance in three idols’ looks. The item is called the Chelsea Denim Kilt Mini Dress from Jaded London
(G)I-DLE Shuhua emits a sexy, Y2K-inspired look with the denim skirt. A simple straight hair and light touches of pink add an amazing chicness to the idol’s image
aespa Winter made a little tweak by adding a neck strap to her look. A high bun and light makeup generate a sweet, but no less classy, image
LE SSERAFIM Sakura shows off her sexy side in the dress. The idol girl ties her hair in a ponytail and confidently boasts her beauty with pink blushes and orange-tinged eye makeup

Source: K14 

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