Lee Young Ji responds to the criticism she received for complimenting aespa Karina’s appearance

Lee Young Ji wrote on her Twitter account on May 22nd, “My only goal in ‘My Alcohol Diary’ is to make a video that becomes the favorite video of the person I like or gives you an opportunity to start liking someone new.


In episode 19 of the YouTube web entertainment show “My Alcohol Diary”, which was released on May 19th, aespa Karina appeared as a guest and visited Lee Young Ji’s house.

Lee Young Ji praised Karina’s appearance, “I don’t want to make content about people’s looks. You’re beautiful.” In particular, she drew attention by comparing the size of her and Karina’s faces and mentioned Karina’s one as “small head”.


After that, many comments were posted on SNS such as Twitter about Lee Young Ji’s appearance praise.

One netizen criticized, “It seems that she praised the other person’s appearance while excessively lowering herself. It’s uncomfortable to watch, so I turned it off. I’m truly disillusioned with Korean culture.

This netizen added, “Her compliment is something that you can never hear in foreign countries, right? In particular, it is (inappropriate) to praise someone for having a small face.”


Another netizen emphasized, “I don’t think complimenting someone’s appearance is wrong. However, the culture of overly lowering, comparing and praising oneself is wrong. You can just compliment others, but there’s no reason to differentiate yourself as an inferior person.”

Afterwards, as these comments spread to Internet communities such as theqoo and caused controversy, Lee Young Ji seems to have expressed her position on the controversy through Twitter.


“My Alcohol Diary” is a YouTube web entertainment program that was first released in June last year. Lee Young Ji is gaining popularity by inviting stars to her house and talking about honest stories while drinking and eating.

Source: Wikitree

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