4 terrifying scenes of eating raw animals in Korean dramas and movies: Chewing a snake alive, eating a bowl of earthworms

To make the scenes look realistic, some Korean actors even had to eat raw animals.

Korean productions sometimes have scenes of characters eating raw animals that make viewers get goosebumps from fear. It’s even more terrifying when the props of these scenes are living animals and the actor has to eat them, not with a stunt, or by editing or using fake props.

1. Eyes of Dawn

In the 1992 TV blockbuster Eyes of Dawn, the character Choi Dae Chi (Choi Jae Sung) was unable to resist his ravenous hunger. He tore and chewed a snake alive. While shooting this scene, actor Choi Jae Sung actually had to eat this snake alive. To make the drama scene more realistic, he even starved himself for days before filming. This scene is still terrifying to viewers to this day.

2. Hometown of Legends

In the TV series Hometown of Legends about the classic Gumiho of Korean dramas, actress Noh Hyun Hee had to do a scene of eating human liver. The production crew prepared a fresh and bloody animal liver for the actress to perform this scene.

3. Jackpot

In addition to Choi Jae Sung, there was also another actor who had to take on the scene of eating a snake alive, giving the audience goosebumps. It was Jang Geun Suk in Jackpot, in one scene, he devoured a raw snake.

4. Woman’s Wail

In the 1986 horror film Woman’s Wail, actor Kim Ki Jong even had to act out a scene where he ate a whole bowl of noodles full of earthworms. The earthworms are real and the actor had to finish the entire bowl. Looking back at this scene, not only are they scared, but the audiences also admire the actor’s sacrifice for the film.

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