EXO Sehun shooting practice… A beauty remind netizens of “Love Shot”

EXO Sehun shooting practice clothes is currently the center of netizens’ attention.

On June 15th, Sehun uploaded a photo on his Instagram along with the caption saying, “Bang.” In the photo, Sehun wore a hat and a mask, covering almost his small face. In addition, it is no exaggeration to say that he covered his face with goggles.

Sehun’s tall and flat forehead was slightly covered by goggles, but his tightly stretched eyebrow bones or high nose bridge could not be hidden. On the contrary, Sehun’s characteristic even and splendid eye shape in the transparent goggles stood out. And Sehun’s trademark – his broad shoulders – boasted its existence.

EXO Sehun shooting practice

Fans responded, “I thought you were playing basketball, but you became a shooter?”, “If you’re dressed like this, it’s polite to upload 94 photos, Sehun. I’m just saying that”, “You held a bow last time, and this time you held a gun? My heart is breaking. I’m so excited”…

Meanwhile, Sehun recently showed his maknae side as he appeared on EXO’s group entertainment show “Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder 3”. He also participated in SBS’ drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” last year and the movie “The Pirates: Goblin Flag”. Besides, he is expected to show off his youthful appearance by playing the main character “Go Yoo” in TVING’s original drama “Love, Hara High School”.

Source: Nate

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