Park Bo Young has just created her Instagram account

Actress Park Bo Young opened her official Instagram account and caught the attention of her fans.

On April 26, Park Bo Young created her Instagram account and also uploaded two photos. There is a lovely photo of the actress staring at the camera in the background of the sea.

In particular, despite the fact that it has just been created, the number of her followers exceeds 8,000 (at 3PM). It is growing rapidly.

Netizens, who heard the news, responded: such as “Bovely Insta!”, “Let’s follow right now!!”, “I’ve been waiting for you my sister”,…

On the other hand, Park Bo Young is going to have a comeback with a drama after two years in the TVN’s drama “One Day Destruction Entered the Front Door of My House”. The movie is about to premiere on May 10, 2021

In the drama, Park Bo Young is going to show off her charm by playing the role of ‘Tak Longing’, a girl decided to bet her life and love on an unexpected fate.

Source: Dispatch

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