The reason why BLACKPINK’s Jennie is called “Human Chanel”

Jennie isn’t referred to as “Human Chanel” for nothing. 

On June 20th, BLACKPINK’s Jennie shared behind-the-scenes photos from her shoot with fashion magazine W Korea. The photo shoot was also joined by luxury brand Chanel, for which Jennie is a global ambassador.

Jennie at Chanel shows

In this shoot, Jennie showed off her colorful charms in a variety of outfits. Easily pulling off every Chanel item, from clothes to accessories, Jennie proves she deserves to be called a “Human Chanel”. Wearing items with the Chanel logo such as headband and skirt, Jennie exudes an unrivaled chic and trendy aura that perfectly fits Chanel atmosphere. 

jennie chanel

Earlier, W Korea also released some photos of Jennie’s pictorial. The photo shoot was revealed to have been taken with the concept of a virtual pop-up store opening for Jennie. 

Jennie started out as an idol and has emerged as one of the icons of the global fashion world. As a Chanel global ambassador, she has been invited to every fashion collection. With the nickname “Human Chanel”, Jennie is receiving sweet offers and treatment from the brand.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Jennie’s rumored ex-boyfriend, is also active as an ambassador for Chanel, raising interest in how far their fashion career will continue in the future. 


Source: sports.khan

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