Lee Sung Kyung’s mention of a controversial golf term on a show is drawing great attention from the public

Among them, the term “hair tying up”, which is one of the most commonly used expressions in golf, is receiving intense criticism from the public.

After it is pointed out that this term is a gender discrimination idiom that has been outdated, many people have voiced to refrain from using this expression in daily life.

According to the Standard Korean Language Dictionary, “hair tying up” is an idiom that means ‘a young kisaeng has become an official kisaeng, she ties up her hair and is ready to get married.”

lee sung kyung

*Kisaeng were women from outcast or slave families who were trained to be courtesans, providing artistic entertainment and conversation to men of the upper class.

In golf, this expression is used to say, “It’s my first time going to the golf course”. The former-model actress Lee Sung Kyung has recently raised this issue on a broadcast, arousing the attention of the public.

lee sung kyung

In this regard, on JTBC’s “SeriMoney Club” ‘s episode aired on September 15, singer Kim Jong Kook said, “People who go with me for the first time with their hair tied up must let me know.”

Then, Lee Sung Kyung’s reply, “After knowing what the term “hair tying up” means, I don’t use it anymore”, has drawn great attention.

In response, netizens have raised mixed opinions. Some people think this term should be used more carefully since it could be interpreted in a sexual meaning.

On the other hand, there are objections, such as, “I know this term is already in the dictionary but not using it seems to be uncomfortable, right?”, “Who would think of this result?”

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