Park Soo Hong’s father: “What kind of son treats parents, brother, and sister as thieves in the media like that?”

An interview with Park Soo Hong’s father, who assaulted his son during interrogation, was released.

Comedian Park Soo Hong previously accused his older brother and sister-in-law of scamming his life’s earnings from him for as long as 30 years. As a result, the comedian, as well as his brother and family, recently appeared at the Seoul prosecutor’s office for cross-examination. 

It was here that Park Soo Hong’s father threatened the comedian and even threatened to kill him

However, the father strongly denied the charges of embezzlement of his eldest son. 

In particular, on October 5th, SBS Entertainment News released an exclusive interview with Park Soo Hong’s father, Mr. Park. 

park soo hong

According to the revealed contents, Mr. Park admitted to assaulting his son Park Soo Hong in the prosecutor’s office.

He said, “If you met your parents after a year and a half, shouldn’t you say hello? So, I hit him once on the shin. His brother is sitting in a prison uniform, so shouldn’t he ask if we have been well or apologize? In the meantime, I’ve been doing the laundry, cleaning, sending side dishes, taking care of them, is it right to treat me like that?”

park soo hong

When asked “What part should Park Soo Hong be sorry about?”, Mr. Park answered, “If you have called your 80-year-old parents to such a place to be investigated, you should be sorry.”

When the reporter asked back “Park Soo Hong’s older brother was arrested by the prosecution for embezzlement and was investigated as a witness, right?”, Mr. Park replied, “It’s because Park Soo Hong treated his parents and siblings as thieves in front of the media.”

park soo hong

He denied his eldest son’s charges of embezzlement. Mr. Park said, “It hasn’t been long since Park Soo Hong actually made money. It’s only been 10 years. All he made was buying three apartments. He didn’t make that much money.”

Mr. Park added, “The fact that my eldest son embezzled, I withdrew money in cash and brought it all to him. I gave Soo-hong 30~40 times, 30~40 million won a month in cash.”

park soo hong

To the reporter’s question, “Is there any evidence for that?”, Park said, “I haven’t changed my cell phone, but if you look closely at my previous cell phone, it may be there.”

When a reporter asked, “Both are your sons, didn’t you pity Park Soo Hong when he screamed like that?” Park answered, “What’s pitiful about him? He betrayed me and ran away. When I met him after a year and a half, he didn’t even say hello.”

park soo hong

Park then said, “Isn’t (Park Soo Hong) a thief? My wife has chest pain, so she hits her chest while sleeping. I also went to the hospital because my heart condition is not good.”

He also commented that the media made it look like Park Soo Hong’s parents put a straw in him, while Park Soo Hong himself is not a good son either.

Source: insight

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