Netizens point out scenes from “STILL LIFE” MV that hint at BIGBANG’s future: The members will retire except G-Dragon?

Many fans expressed concern that this might be the last time Big Bang made a comeback.

At exactly 0:00 on April 5, Big Bang released the music video for “Still Life”, marking their first comeback in 4 years. As this is a meaningful comeback, the song’s lyrics use the metaphor of seasons to describe Big Bang‘s path, the struggles of understanding what it truly means to be an adult, and all the challenges they’ve faced in the past few years.

Many metaphorical images appear in the MV, including the image of 4 chairs placed side by side. Fans believe that the image of those 4 chairs represents the 4 members, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Daesung.

Still Life

Then the image of a chair being placed alone appeared, piquing fans’ curiosity. Many people think that the image of that single chair refers to Seungri, who left the group earlier. However, many people do not think so.


Because only that single chair appeared with aura, many fans believe that after this comeback, only 1 Big Bang member will continue to work in showbiz. That’s G-Dragon.

This theory is not impossible. Before the comeback, T.O.P announced that he had left YG after 16 years. Taeyang, Daesung have been discharged from the army for a long time, but have not had many artistic activities, whether it is releasing music products or participating in reality shows. Only leader G-Dragon remains in the public eye most often.

Bigbang-Still Life

Fans hope it’s all just a theory because it would be sad and unfortunate if the Korean entertainment industry lost a group with unique musical colors as BIGBANG.

On the other hand, Big Bang established a series of impressive achievements like a real King despite their 4-year-hiatus.

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