Malaysian lawyer sues concert organizers of BLACKPINK’s “BORNPINK” up to RM1 million in compensation for “missing seats” 

The lawyer and his wife reportedly had to either seat or stand on the stair area to watch the concert. 

On May 10th (local time), Malaysian lawyer Nas Rahman filed a lawsuit in Kuala Lumpur, stating, “There were no seats I reserved when BLACKPINK performed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in March, but the organizers (Live Nation and Go Live) did not apologize and compensate.”


The demand for compensation for damages resulting from failing to reach an agreement with the concert organizers ranges from RM 100,000 (about 30 million won) to around RM1 million (about 300 million won). Nas disclosed the contents of the lawsuit through his TikTok, and local media reported the incident one after another.

The incident goes back to the BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” concert performance in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on March 4th. Lawyer Nas booked two tickets for 488 RM (about 146,000 won) to see the performance with his wife. However, when Nas and his wife entered the venue, they could not find their seats in the tickets. The couple reported that they had to sit and stand on the stairs and could not enjoy the performances. 


On March 5th, the day after the performance, the lawyer tweeted, “Who else went to BLACKPINK’s concert and experienced the same fate as me? It was missing a seat… In the end, I had to either stand or sit on the staircase”. Some fans shared similar experiences, stating they “reserved a seat, but there was no seat” or “I couldn’t enjoy the performance properly because of the wall and fence”.

Two days later, on March 6th, the lawyer sent a document to organizers of BLACKPINK’s performance in Malaysia demanding a refund of the paid ticket along with compensation. Nevertheless, the two parties failed to reach an agreement. In response, he decided to file a civil lawsuit worth RM100,000 to RM1 million, including ticket refunds and compensation.


The reason I believe action must be taken is not because of money,” Nas said on TikTok, adding, “If I allow this issue to go on, it may happen to others in the future and I don’t want it to happen to anyone again.”

Lawyer Nas Rahman added, “It does not matter if I win or lose the case. I hope that I can show all concert organizers that their responsibilities are to their customers.”

He also added on Twitter, “Since the case has gone to court, we will refrain from commenting on the facts and nature of the case and disclose only the progress of the case”. 

Source: chosun

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